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Pepper-Box is a Kafka load generator plugin for JMeter. It allows to send kafka messages of type plain text(JSON, XML, CSV or any other custom format) as well as java serialized objects.

Pepper-Box at scale. Generates a million messages per second.

Pepper-Box is designed to generate high load on Kafka. It is a JMeter plugin; hence we can use all the features of jmeter and control kafka load. We can also use it as console utility without jmeter.

Pepper-Box at data customization. Design message schema using template engine.

Pepper-Box includes template engine for plain text messsages which helps to design schema in any format including JSON, XML, HTML, CSV and many more. Pepper-Box also allows to send java serialized object messages to kafka.

Pepper-Box at security. Supports SSL, Kerberos authentication.

If Kafka broker is designed with data encryption using SSL/TLS and authentication using Kerberos then these securities can be easily configured using simple user interface of Pepper-Box.

Pepper-Box at UI. Simple user interface for kafka producer tuning and for message schema design.

Pepper-Box provides easy interface to design message schema with random data generation template functions. It also provides easy interface to configure Kafka producer parameters. By default we included only required and performance perspective important parameters but you can add any kafka producer parameter.